28-29 August 2017


Alignment of Payment Initiatives in Africa
– Towards Seamless Interoperability

This boutique event brings together central bankers, regulators, FSIs and other industry experts to deliberate and share experiences on different aspects of the broader payments systems framework and transaction space.

The 16-member states that form the SADC region are continuously striving for both continental and inter-continental integration to improve socio-economic growth through deeper cooperation, good governance and the promotion of peace. Crucial to the realisation of these goals is greater alignment and interoperability of the different banking systems across the 16 countries to achieve a more standardised payment framework. The diversity in the region however has also led to different levels of technical and economic sophistication, where a key dilemma persists relative to financial inclusion for the many un/underbanked people in the region. What are the new building blocks for this integration? How can the SADC jurisdictions align the governance and legislation and what steps are needed to bridge this gap?

Four key areas will be the focus of this year’s inaugural GPS event and several deep-diving sessions will ensure high level debate in these topics:

  • Interpreting the SADC dream
  • Exploring the dilemmas
  • Calibrating the distance
  • Understanding the direction

The inaugural SADC chapter of Global Payment Summit will bring together the key players in all Sub Sahara Africa (SSA) instrumental in the quest for this enhanced payments and banking ecosystem and will provide a focus on how these objectives can be realised. The event will draw on best practices from other regions including regulatory issues, as well as the positive benefits to be gleaned from the huge FinTech advances and innovation both regionally and internationally. We will look at the latest national developments in e-payments and wallets as well as the larger, cross-border regional platforms that are transforming the African payments landscape. Also in focus will be the cashless initiatives across the region enabling the unbanked and geographically remote to transact seamlessly.

We are working on this year’s program! If you have suggestions, please email them directly to David Roberts, Global Director of Payments, Email: droberts@currency-research.com

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Africa – GPS 2019 Program At a Glance

  Day 1 - 27 Aug 2019
08.00Welcome & Registration
09.00Welcome by Gonzalo Santamaria
09.15Keynote Opening: Sharing the Vision for Africa - The 10,000 Meter Optic
09.35Regional Integration - Challenges Ahead
- Aligning domestic payment systems
- How to mitigate the differences in governance structures and consequent effects ?
- Regulatory and Legislative developments and key considerations
- Review on open banking
Dr Settor Kwabla Amediku | Director and Head of Payment Systems Department | Bank of Ghana
10.30Networking Break
11.00SADC RTGS - Facilitating Cross-Border Payments
- Paving the way forward
- Migration from legacy to ISO 20022
- Why has adoption been slow and how to improve take-up?
11.45 A1 Pan-African Card Schemes B1 Interoperability in Mobile Payments
  • Low cost alternative payment solution

  • Following the steps of China Union Pay, Indian RuPay, Russian Mir

  • Can a pan-African card scheme be a regional solution?
  • Steps towards a connected digital economy in Africa

  • Industry collaborations on improving efficiency and security

  • Examples of mobile money interoperability
14.00Aligning Real Time Payments
- Modernising central payments infrastructure to enable a real-time future
- Building of a cross-border real time payments in the region
- How do end users benefit ?

Arthur Cousins | Payments Project Coordinator | SADC Payments Project
Brad Gillis | Head of Payments African Regions | Standard Bank Group
14.45A2 Big Data as Growth DriversB2 Impact of Artificial Intelligence
  • Data as growth drivers of the economy

  • What needs to be known as a SADC Community?

  • How banks and businesses can monetise data

  • Are the low-income excluded and part of the unseen data?
  • AI strategies for governance

  • Applications in agricultural planning, health sectors and education

  • Negative AI and issues
15.30Networking Break
16.00Keynote Presentation:
Moving Money in Africa - How to Drive Change and Lower Costs in Remittance

- Infrastructure needs for money transfers within Africa region
- Technology and collaboration for better efficiency
- Regulation as enabler
- Should Fintechs have direct access to payment systems?

16.30Keynote Panel
An African Tour of Regional Visions and Strategies

- What are the building blocks for taking payment systems in SADC into the future ?
- What are Project Future’s learnings ?
- A comparison of Sub-Sahara Future Visions

17.30Cocktail Reception


   Day 2 - 28 Aug 2019
08.30Welcome & Registration
09.00Recap & Opening by Gonzalo Santamaria
09.15Financial Inclusion - The African Landscape
- Overview of Financial Inclusion projects and issues in the region
- Learnings fromother regions ?
- Central Bank / regulator initiatives
- What are the key themes emerging ?

Jackie Kitiibwa | Programme Manager | MEFMI
Graeme Holmes | Founder | The Grahamstown Project (moderator)
10.15Mobile Payments and eMoney
- A comparison to traditional payment rails
- What lessons can Africa take from the Alipay and WeChat ecosystems?
- Can tokenisation be the answer to the unbanked?
- Should central banks issue centralised e-Money?

Kim Dancey | Head of Regulatory and Conduct Risk for Payments | FirstRand International
Brian Mather | CEO | Silicon Capital
11.00Networking Break
11.30A3 Breakthrough Payment Platforms B3 Blockchain Solutions for Africa

  • Latest developments

  • Cutting-edge tech solutions

  • Game-changing features
  • Specific use cases

  • The drive to be “Smart”
12.15Digital Transformation - The Global Views and Trends from Europe and Asia
- Advances and unleashing the power of Fintech to accelerate innovation
- Dawn of the super-apps and payments platforms
- Disrupters or enablers - who wins, who loses?
14.15A4 Digital IdentityB4 Cashless Africa

  • Emerging trends in technology

  • Pan-regional integration

  • Local and cross-continental initiatives

  • Is cashless a destination or the path for inclusion

  • Central bank perspectives

  • Tokenisation - dream or reality ?

Barry Röhrs | Director | Röhrs and Associates

Richard Ketley | Managing Partner and Director: Financial Services | Genesis Analytics (moderator)
15.00Networking Break
15.30Keynote Presentation - The Year Ahead for Africa
- The 5 things to look out for
- Outlook for the SADC region and beyond

Gavin Krugel | Co-Founder and CEO | Digital Frontiers Institute
16.15Fintech Pitches - Five Spotlight Companies (10 minutes each)
17.15Farewell Drinks