About Africa Global Payment Summit

The inaugural Africa Global Payment Summit will bring together the key players in all Sub Sahara Africa (SSA) instrumental in the quest for this enhanced payments and banking ecosystem and will provide a focus on how these objectives can be realised. The event will draw on best practices from other regions including regulatory issues, as well as the positive benefits to be gleaned from the huge FinTech advances and innovation both regionally and internationally. We will look at the latest national developments in e-payments and wallets as well as the larger, cross-border regional platforms that are transforming the African payments landscape. Also in focus will be the cashless initiatives across the region, enabling the unbanked and geographically remote to transact seamlessly.

This boutique event brings together central bankers, regulators, FSIs and other industry experts to deliberate and share experiences on different aspects of the broader payments systems framework and transaction space.


Why Join Africa GPS?
The Africa GPS is a niche, content-driven Summit with an emphasis on thought leadership, knowledge exchange and high level networking. We are not a mega exhibition but rather a bespoke platform that brings together regulators, innovators, decision makers and entrepreneurs from the entire payments, banking and FinTech ecosystem.